I designed a pair of shoes!

Do ever wanted a certain shoe color, style and textures or just find a pair of shoes that are comfortable and available in your size? Well, Shoes of Prey is the place for all of this!

Shoes of Prey is an online shoe store where you are the designer. You can choose from sneakers to flats, boots to stilettos and more!

There’s a great range of colors, prints and high quality materials and textures for example vegan leather, velvet and suede, so the possibilities of design are endless.

These are the shoe model I chose and the materials:

I have to mention that these shoes are incredibly comfortable, it’s like walking in sleepers. And they offer a great size range, from 2 to 15 US as well as Narrow, Wide and Extra Wide widths.

Here’s an outfit with my shoes! I love combining colors and prints.

So there you go! I honestly think this is such great idea to be able to design the shoes of your dreams according to what you want and with the availability of your shoe size and width!


Brand Discovery: Urban Bliss

Hello!!! Today I will share you two outfits from a brand new brand I discover on ASOS, Urban Bliss! They have a great size range and the pricing is the affordable side in my opinion. The clothes I choose fit me very good, I think they’re very true to size and also make me feel fearless! Si here’s why…

Hope you like it! Xoxo

70’s Inspired Spring Outfit: Featuring Violeta by Mango.

Hello there! I’m back with an Outfit of the Day with a very strong 70’s inspiration. With a colorful top paired with high waisted blue jeans and the perfect accessories to complete the look.

This is the first time I try clothes from Violeta by Mango, and honestly I am very happy with my purchases, the only issue I have is that it’s not so affordable. I only bought two tops and a pair of jeans and I paid more than 100 euro, even though I was lucky that one day there was a -20% site wide and this was a big help. The quality and the fitting are great, I just have to size up with the jeans because they have no stretch. Then they were very big on my waist, but I went to a tailor to fix it and now they fit good.

Now that we are talking about the jeans, I have to say that these ones enhance a lot my curves and thickness. They have a wide leg fitting so this adds even more volume, but you know what? I love how they fit and they’re so comfortable. I’m learning to love my body and to show my curves without fear. It’s just about finding clothes that fit your body shape and nowadays more brands are expanding their sizes and this makes is very easy for us curvy girls.The top is semi sheer and very fresh for the Spring. I love the bow detail with an open “V” shaped neck. As I am a print maniac, this top is a dream with this colors, it’s really a very outstanding piece and easy to style it.

To accessorize this look and give it a more retro vibe, I put on some big gold hoops that matches the belt, gold fits perfect with this look because it warms up the colors of the top and makes them shine. I am not such a fan of belts but sometimes there are just necessary and this time I wanted the jeans to embrace more my waist.

Last, the sunglasses. I think they are the cherry of the cake, it’s like this top and sunglasses belong together.

Don’t be afraid to use prints and big outstanding accessories. This Spring comes full of color and retro sunglasses in every possible shape and color, so don’t be shy and dare to bring color to your wardrobe and remember, always be fearless!

Top & Jeans: Violeta by Mango Sunglasses: River Island Hoops: Urban Outfitters Belt: ASOS Shoes: Urban Outfitters (bought them two years ago)

Four days, four outfits in Paris.

Hello everyone! A week ago I went to the beautiful city on Paris to celebrate my 29th birthday and one year anniversary with my Husband.

I was so excited about this travel, Paris was always a city I wanted to visit, so the mean I needed to pick the right outfits to feel both comfortable and stylish. So here are my picks! Hope you like them 😉

Day 1

A Jumpsuit is the effortless way to look stylish and feel comfortable. I picked this all black one from Monki because a couple of days before I ruined my hair, it looked so bright that I didn’t feel confident enough to wear a printed one so I got this one for the plane and then some serious walk and I felt very pretty! I paired it with my platform boots from Pull & Bear which believe me or not, they were comfortable enough to make long walks!

Day 2

This day was planned to be a long tourist day and a visit to the Louvre Museum. I have something with polka dots prints, I just love them and I can’t get enough clothes with this print. I got crazy when I saw this suit combo at Monki, the greatest thing is that the pants are sooo comfortable even though I have thick legs and big booty, this pants have enough room and look awesome. As I mentioned, we went to the Louvre so I thought this basic white t-shirt with the phrase “Art Babe” was the perfect for the occasion. And last but of course not least, the shoes. My husband gave me these special edition Dr. Martens for my birthday present and I AM IN LOVE, they’re so unique and gave the great pop of color to the outfit. I got a couple of blisters but fortunately I’m always prepared with band-aids so this was not a problem at all.

Day 3

This day was my birthday! So of course I wanted to look pretty AF and so this dress from Nobody’s Child was perfect for this purpose. With a Midi length and some slightly opened side, this dress is a dream, I combined with my platform boots to give it a sort of a grunge rebel vibe and my all time favorite bag from Skinnydip. I also went to a concert at the Champs-Elysées Theatre with this outfit and totally fit with this occasion as well.

Day 4

Last day in Paris, was more of a chill day, enjoying the city and discovering new places. This shirt and skirt combo from Monki were perfect and edgy. I love the printed faces in a velvet material. I paired this outfit again with my boots and bag, adding a black fringe earrings I got from Urban Outfitters and my new sunglasses from Valley Eyewear.

That’s it, thanks for reading! Xoxo

Outfit of the day: Forever 21 Plus

Hello there! Is been a while since I made an outfit post so here it is! It’s freezing cold in Vienna, that makes shooting outfits makes it so hard, I was freezing here… can’t wait for Spring to arrive because I have lots of nice outfits to show you 😀

Forever 21 Plus is one of my favorite brands, it’s affordable, have many beautiful clothes and the size range it’s pretty good.

I got these velvet trousers in size 1X because I have a big ass and thick legs, and I find them pretty confortable.

I love this semi sheer top, the bell trumpet sleeves makes it so stylish and believe me, they’re not so difficult to manage, I got it in a size 0X. To complement this outfit I add some shiny silver boots that combine perfectly with my favorite purse at the moment.

My Skin Care Routine | Cruelty-Free

Hello! Today I will talk about the products I use on my daily basis and how they perform. Since I live in Vienna, my skin type changed from normal to very dry skin.

It took me a while to understand the needs of my skin and to find the right products, but now I feel that I finally have the healthy and glowy skin I was searching for, so if you want to know what I use the keep on reading!

Morning Routine

Before applying any moisturizer, I need to first clean my skin. I don’t wash my face in the morning (I will explain why later), I only use a toner. This will put away any dirt and leave your skin clean and bright. The toner I use is this one from The Body Shop, it has real petals and if you’re worried that the smell might disturb you, as an allergic to perfume person, this will not bother you at all! I just put a little bit of product on a cotton pad and rub it all over my face, you will see the stains of little dirt you get over the night, and as a result, it leaves your skin with a healthy glow and soft. Definitely the best toner I ever tried.

Another step before my moisturizer is to apply this spray from Mario Badescu. I’m using this since December and honestly my skin changed a lot! I love this product, it refreshes your skin, hydrating it for the entire day! The rose scent is very minimal, it disappears once is on the skin. This product will be always on my skin care routine, it’s amazing and it’s only 16€!

And now, the moisturizer. I feel that gel moisturizers work better on my skin than the creamy ones. If you have dry skin like me, you need to be careful to not over hydrate your skin, otherwise you will end up closing your pores and get break outs. This one from The Body Shop is really good! I have the tendency to have a lifeless skin in the morning, but this moisturizer add brightness and wakes up my skin beautifully. It’s my daily cream and even with foundation on, my skin keeps looking hydrated and flawless.

Another moisturizer I use is the Tarte Brighter Days. Is a luminous moisturizer, perfect for a glowy and flawless skin. I do not recommend to use this product without foundation on, because it leaves a little bit of glitter, and it doesn’t look like a natural skin glow, so I use this only when I want a very dewy/satin finish look. It’s also very hydrating and a little amount goes a long way.

And the final step is the eye cream. This step is really important for me because I have dark circles and puffy eyes in the morning and this cream from Tarte Cosmetics transform my eyes in minutes, it’s really amazing! The puffiness disappears, my eyes looks awaken and my lids hydrated. It’s a little bit pricey, but I got mine in July, I use it every day and I just put a little amount around my eyes with my ring finger in tapping motions, and I still have product left! So it’s a great inversion at the end.

This is a little extra step I sometimes do. I like to exfoliate my lips once in a while, for nice and soft looking lips. I also do this every time I want to wear a very dark liquid lipstick, it will look 100 times better and it will last longer! I love the lip scrubs from Lush Cosmetics, they smell delicious and are super gentle with your lips.

Night Routine

To remove my makeup, I use this two products, is from the brand of the drugstore DM, they’re pretty affordable and perform very good. As I always use waterproof mascara, I use an eye makeup remover with oil, I put a little amount on a cotton pad and let it rest on my eye for some seconds. I don’t like to rub my eyes, I prefer to wait until the product melts the makeup and then start to gently remove it. For the rest of my face I use a micellar water for dry skin. It cleans my skin and removes easily a full coverage foundation. The I was my skin, this is the only time in the day I do it. Why? Because I use this amazing product from Lush Cosmetics, which is an exfoliating face cleanser, so to not over clean my face and remove my natural moist, I only use this product once in the day. This product has polenta and real popcorn pieces and smells delicious! I have already I year using it and I adore it! Leaves my skin super soft and clean. I only use a little amount of product, first I rinse my face with water and then, with the product on my fingers, I rinse a little bit of water and then apply it on my skin and make soft circular motions.And as I cleaned and exfoliated my skin, I need to seal it with a night cream. I use this one from The Body Shop, it’s super hydrating and prevents my skin to get dry over night, the best thing is that it has vitamin E! Which is a great antioxidant and helps rejuvenating the skin.

Face Mask

I honestly don’t know why I don’t use or try many face masks, maybe because I’m too lazy or maybe I don’t feel it makes a lot of a difference… whatever, when I have a bad skin day, I always apply this mask from Lush, it hydrates and adds insane moisture to my skin. Is perfect for cold winter days! I just leave it on the face for 15 minutes and then wash away and remove the rest gently with a towel. This mask is a perfect boost of moisture in case you have extremely dry skin, I use it once in a week or when my skin is not cooperating.

Hope you liked this post! Thanks for reading! Xoxo